Monday, 12 September 2011

Google Calendar & co.

I never realised how important it is to stay organised. I mean to say, I've always understood why, I just never noticed how crucial it is to everyday life. That's when I learned about Google Calendar. It does this neat trick called cloud sync, which means, if I enter something into my personal calendar with my Google account, it's automatically synced up with every calendar I have on every electronic device I have with Google Calender. Not to mention that I can access it offline. It's essential to optimise your time schedule so you can maximize your effectiveness to enjoy your pre-planned day to it's fullest. Pretty neat, huh?

Some people like to casually mention I may be obsessed with Google, but they're completely wrong. I enjoy cloud computing. There's only one company I can trust to be consistent with that, and you already know who that is. I mean, have you ever tried to Google something and been redirected because the servers were down? Of course not! This is Google, not Bing.

There's also the OS consistency I enjoy. I am a huge fan of Linux (fuck you, I have Wine) and it's nice to do advanced programming on the go. Not to mention an amazing start up and resume time! I mean, when I'm in an situation that requires urgency, I cannot afford to waste more than eight seconds for start up time.
And as always, I have to make you smile. I'll share a story and save the anecdotes for the smart people for a later post.

Yesterday was my oldest brothers birthday, he is an old fart. Finally twenty-four, not that he knows it (yet). I called him up to wish him a happy birthday, and he amused me with this wonderful story about Mushroom Wars (PS3 Downloadable Video Game).
"Anthony, do you play Mushroom wars?"
"Well whenever you feel like getting your ass kicked,you have to play against me. I'm so good. Nobody can beat me. Not even Chala! I'm so good you'll say I should have been an accountant, wondering where the fuck I get all these numbers from. I just beat Joey and Chala. Twice. In a row. They can't fuck with me, once I start getting the numbers going you'll be like 'oh fuck what the fuck did you do?' And then I'll win."
I laughed at this.

Finally, we are looking for an editor. Send me an email if you're interested. Understand that I use English spellings and Charles is always tired when he writes. I'll respond with an application to your email, or, if I know you know your stuff, I'll just welcome you to the team.
Farewell for now,