Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I can be my own best friend

"Your" is NOT equal to "you're."
Know your "there/their/they're" before you use it.
A lot. Alot is what special people say when their pee sticks feel good.
Weird. I don't understand how you fucked that one up, but it IS NOT wierd.
Apostrophes are important. It is = it's. "Its" is possessive and will fuck you up if you cheat on it.
Capitalization is the difference between "helping your Uncle Jack off a horse," and "helping your uncle jack off a horse." -.-
"I love you" is not something you use to get someone to like you even more. It is a tool to trick someone into giving you a blow job. I disagree with this, still.
Moving is an illusion. And a paradox.
Paradoxes rely on your frame of reference. So does your life span, because you all are dead to me.
The period belongs INSIDE the quotation mark. Example: "Hi."
I is less than three you. I want to make this especially clear. < is not less than, it's IS less than. If you don't know that, you're a fucking retard. I'm not your friend.
You could argue that I'm the idiot here, but you would lose that argument.
You can't insult me if I'm not insulted. Try as hard as you feel the need to, and you will still fail.
To and too are two VERY different words. Too is akin to also. To is not. And two is a number.
Animals are FOOD not friends. All vegetarians suck. The only good thing about a vegetarian is more meat for me. Other than that, they could get molested by trains for all the fucks I don't give.
Life is one giant failure. You will always fail. If you ever succeed, you failed at failing.
Than and then are not part of the swingers club. One can not be used in place of the other.
And if you give more than zero fucks, fuck off.