Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I'm tired as fuck.

My school fails so hard, they sync everything up on they're private servers. And I use that word loosely, because nothing syncs, it has to be manually updated. Then they sync with Microsoft. FUCK MICROSOFT. I have to manually sync up my Google Calendar now. I'm also tired as fuck. And then I have to figure out how to push my UML email notifications to my phone. The credit union I joined doesn't have an app yet, but they're (barely) working on it. The name is awesome (Jeanne D'Arc) and it's got a pretty debit card. Did I mention I'm tired as fuck? Dealing with half commuting isn't that bad, and my roommate is pretty cool, but the one thing that's keeping me calm (other than the awesome 4G and country/folk radio) is the fact that I can visit Emily Kocot and Patricia Caliento when they finally decide to show up at their respective schools whenever the fuck I want. I'm gonna be the greatest annoyance EVER! And I'm tired as fuck!

P.S. Get to school!

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