Friday, 20 January 2012

Drowning Sonnet

Undersea Poem.

All I can really say is things have been very quiet around here. To make up for it I did something a bit difficult for most, I found good music. Have you ever heard of the duo Undersea Poem? Musically, they're laid back feel good tropical sounding hipsters with hidden underplays of therapeutic stringed instruments and drums. Lyrically, they're spraying out simple messages with profound lasting effects that could easily calm a rabid pit bull (it's a dog people!) into laying down and falling asleep. Undersea Poem is that rare feeling you get the first time you ever hear The Beatles (or look into Matt Muers eyes; Superbad reference newbies).

Don't go pirating their songs, go buy them or listen to the tracks on YouTube. Google's got them cheap c:

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