Thursday, 26 July 2012

I dreamed of a zombie apocalypse.

I dreamed of a zombie apocalypse.
My best friend is such a retard.
He walked down some steps, we were at a city hall, about to get a car, and he picked up some trash: an old newspaper.
I was reloading my gun.
I look up and he is still reading as two zombies approached him. I shouted, I told him to gtfo.
He hesitated. When you hesitate people die. I started shooting. I missed the first one so I started running. I killed the second one as I ran down the steps. Out of bullets, my chest numb with fear, my head pounding as adrenaline pumped through my body.
I reached him as the zombie bit into his forehead. I jumped and let my foot smash full force into the zombies head.
It fell to a muddled clump on the floor. Unaware of the sounds that escaped my recently bitten friend. It wouldn't know the horrors it committed. It wouldn't have cared.
I stared at him, pissed off that he was such an idiot. Was a newspaper worth his life? I would be all alone soon.
"I don't understand how one bite is a one shot kill!" He paced angrily before turning to me for answers. "What happens next?"
So I told him.
"First, you'll black out. Like a coma or some shit. You'll wake up confused and yourself. That's how you'll know you're turning."
He stared at the floor in silence. Soon after I fell asleep. The car was a no go I guess. I woke up confused. Unaware of my surroundings. I jokingly said "That was some potent shit, wasn't it Sam?"
He wasn't there.
I was alone.
I blacked out again and found myself on top of a burning building. There was a billboard, alone, broken, confused. I jumped into it and it gave way, falling down on the city.

I willingly followed it.

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