Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Resident Evil Logic

Resident Evil is one of my favourite video game series. It's a total and complete package, with characters spanning between games in all genres (for an odd example, Snowboarding, that's a weird place to put Leon Scott Kennedy, but hey, who am I to judge? It worked, didn't it?). But as far as the main game story line goes, Resident Evil 1-5 (as of Tue 5 July 2011), only Resident Evil (RE1) made any sense! Well, that's not saying much because even RE1 made barely any sense at all. So with this, I introduce to our very few readers, a discussion of sorts, and an experiment, testing the minds of anyone who has gotten this far, on the Resident Evil series. I personally plan to cover the five games in the main story line as well as some of the spin offs (like Resident Evil Outbreak with File #2 and Gaiden). My plan is to write an article for each, and then to have Charles do the same, so we can exploit as many flaws as possible.

And remember, in Resident Evil, it's not what can help you most that you take with you on a journey, it's what you find the most useless.

"You step into a room and lined on the walls are countless firearms, grenades, explosives, and random stuff that is 'super effective against living things' to kill enemies with. You see a small desk in the corner. You approach said desk and open the drawer. Upon peering inside you see planty of ammo for the Revolver, Handgun, and Shotgun you carry with you now. You push all the ammo aside and find a slighty bent tooth pick. Picking it up you dumbly cry out 'A tooth pick! This will be very useful!' and proceed to put it in your pocket. Your business here being finished, you leave the room and all it's contents behind and break the door knob for good measure. There is no point in being tempted to enter that useless room again!"

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  1. i can wait to exploit this. wooden doors stronger than rocket launchers,shotgun shells in bathrooms,using typewriters in 1994?