Monday, 11 July 2011

What is Tornado?

Okay, this is oldish, like, about June 1st.
This doesn't make much sense -_-
So I apologize for that, but some people "lol" at this, and I respect those people. You all rule :)

Recently I've realized I'm a big flaming Pansy. The fuck am I afraid of tornades for? They don't even kill people last I checked (5 people so FAR) . Plus they make awesome dreams. Like, seriously, columns of a God's will? How awesome is that? Plus , I noticed that most people's experience with these things comes from not being in Kansas anymore and something about a dog named Toto and his owners wish to go home. Yes, The Wizard of Oz. That movie did nothing in the lines of teaching me how to PROPERLY handle one of them tornadoes. First there's the fact that most people living in a city live in a building. Not a house. I felt cheated when my building was smashed and not lifted and taken for a ride in some garbage truck. Also, how the hell did a tornado throw her to a perfectly stable world? After the storm, I remember complete choas ravaging the streets of Springfield, Massachusetts. I also stood in one place so, yeah, never mind. Long story short, if you're in a tornados, BRING FOOD AND ENTERTAINMENT. Also, if you're single, people are very vulnerable after, use that. Also make sure you don't get stalked by a glitter friendly 'homire' (homosexual vampire) on your walk around town.

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