Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Great Cultural Divide

So what games are worse, Japanese exclusive or American exclusive? The sad reality might be that Japan's failures are worse than ours. The main reason why Japanese games would be not wanted or not allowed into America would have to be because of their sexual content. Not just dick in pussy sexual content but weird shit like hentai, tentacle rape, and lolicon. A perfect example of this would have to the game Rapelay in which you rape a mother and her daughter in various locations like a subway station and their house. When this hit American shores it immediately caught the attention of the ESRB and was summarily banned and deported. This caught the attention of the American news stations and was all over the internet and was a large controversial topic. Although people can still download the game online and play it, if only a few people play the game or even know where to get it then in my book it's a complete failure. Now there are countless other games that involve tentacles raping anime characters or fighting games where the loser is raped (Battle Raper) but we'll never get a chance to even try these games because there is no great demand and the ESRB would never let those games be sold at your local game stop. It's a shame but maybe it's for the best as even in Japan these games are only purchased and played by a very select few pockets of gamers which makes profit an improbability for the developers, which in turn creates an infinate loop of poverty making the games of a general low quality. Meaning it all comes down to mass appeal and finance. Some games like Custom Robo 2 and Metal Slug 7 never made it to America because of unpopularity in Japan even though they don't have raping or tentacles. Custom Robo was a favorite of mine back in 2004 for the GameCube even though it and it's sequal were released in Japan for the N64 in 1999 and 2000. so next time you see a weird Japanese game in America be thankful and give it a try, there are a lot of good games trying their hardest to become international and trust that the ESRB will slam the ban hammer on any wacky Japanese sex games and trust that it's for the best (and btw the creepy Japanese game shown ids called Muscle March for the Nintendo DS).


  1. hey guys sorry for the bad grammer/spelling in a few places. i had fun making my first post and i can't wait to do more. please feel free to comment or else i feel like no one reads it and actually cares enough to discuss it.

  2. If only you STILL contributed, then it might be interesting. Also, writing a lot of emails and sending people a link to the blog improves traffic and might even get some cult following. Who knows? Not me.