Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Revelation

So for a very long time I kept asking myself a weird question that I couldn't answer. What's the point of Russian roulette? Was it to die, or to live? What was winning and what was losing? Then it hit me, it was all up to the player whether death or life was winning or losing. The same could be said about life really. It's up to each one of us individually to decide whether the point of life is living or dieing. We are free to chose to win or lose every day. So some may think the point of being born is to die while others believe it is to live. biologically speaking the point of life is to replicate one's DNA but i fail to believe that the ultimate goal in life is to fuck 24/7. What do you think your life means?

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  1. That is to say we're the only intelligent beings. A polar bear covers its nose to blend in fully as it waits for a seal to pop its head up so it can kill it. Who told the bear that it's nose is black? Did it see its reflection? Did it see other bears and think "you would blend in completely if not for your nose." To me, that seems like a lot of thinking for a polar bear.